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Individual hard­ware & ­soft­ware solutions
Toghether we develop your individual measurement setup or software perfectly fitted to your needs!

MIRell Photonics is your partner for customized optical measuring devices, electronics and software. Deep insights in the physics behind different measurment techniques, prototyping know-how and out-of-the-box thinking characterises the MIRell team!


If you need a way to...

  • ... verify the homogeneity of a surface fast and precise?
  • ... combine measured data from different systems in one database?
  • ... inspect the surface for defects with highest sensitivity?

Or do you look for a customized solution...

  • ... to control laser diodes?
  • ... to control all your systems with one user-friendly software?
  • ... to amplify a photo diode signal?

If you have a specific measurement task feel free to e-mail Info (JavaScript deactiveted) us!
We are looking forward to hear from you!