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LDC Zeus
Secure and versatile Laser Diode Controller

Laser current up to 4 A

Extensive monitoring and operating features

Laser compliance voltage > 10 V

USB2.0 interface for additional features

What do we offer?

The LDC Zeus Laser Diode Controller provides a high-precision cw current source for a huge range of laser diodes, including Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). The sophisticated design enables a low-noise and highly precise power supply from 2 mA up to 4 A (up to >10 V). With a number of protective features, like a soft-start-function, a built-in function generator and a user-friendly operation including software control via USB2.0 interface the LDC Zeus can be used for versatile applications.

LDC Zeus

The LDC Zeus offers two different operating modes, constant current or constant power. For the latter, the optical laser power will be monitored with a photodiode. All different laser- and photodiode polarities are supported. Highest precision can be reached with extended self-calibration. Furthermore the freely selectable bias voltage (up to 3 V) for the monitor diode increases the flexibility.

The operating point can be modulated, custom-configurable between points called 0 % and 100 %, set by an external analogue voltage (- 5 V to + 5 V):

  • Internal and external modulation possible up to 50 kHz bandwidth (-3 dB).
  • Setpoints for 0 % and 100 % modulation are configurable by GUI.
  • Connection with BNC-socket.

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